International Champion Viona Vom Haus Vianden BH CD RN

OFA Fair Hips ,Elbow Normal, DM A/N Carrier !

This large, powerful, black and red female is a third generation vom haus Vianden girl and without a doubt is proving herself to be an extremely important foundation line for Vianden German Shepherds. With an excellent pedigree of top German Working lines, "Viona" exhibits extreme focused energy and a desire to please her handler in all phases of her work. Be it tracking, obedience or protection, she is a solid female with correct attitude and drives to accomplish all that I ask of her. Not only does she have a correct working attitude but she is a wonderful home companion as well. I feel that her first litter of puppies were probably the best group I have had here at vom haus Vianden.
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Viona working with USA judge Willie Pope.

Sonny vom Grunewald SchH 1, BH, CD,CGC, OFA

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