International Champion Nadia Vom Haus Vianden SchA BH CD RN IPO1

OFA Good Hips, Elbow Normal, DM N/N Clear !

Nadia working with Willie Pope (Schutzhund USA judge)

ntrac.jpg ntrack1.jpg nadhb.jpg nadecept.jpg nadiapr.jpg ndhb.jpg nwh.jpg nadiaesp.jpg nadiatranport.jpg nadialongbite.jpg nadatt.jpg nadatt2.jpg

Nadia Working with Dean C

nadgr1.jpg nadjump.jpg nadjump1.jpg naddean.jpg nadeanbit.jpg neanb1.jpg nadme.jpg nadgo.jpg nadgr.jpg naddr1.jpg nadtran.jpg nadgrp.jpg notdr.jpg

An exciting youngster, "Nadia" is a beautiful medium size female with very nice structure. She is a daughter of my competition female, Yarissa vom Haus Vianden, and a third generation Vianden girl! "Nadia" is showing excellent and correct drives for her work. She has an extreme desire to please and even with tons of energy, she remains a wonderfully guideable female. She is 100% solid in all situations and already reminds us of her mother in her working abilities. We expect great things from this youngster on and off the competition field!

Sonny vom Grunewald SchH 1, BH, CD,CGC, OFA

SG Bodie v Tiefenwald SchH 3 "a" SG Pirol van't Enclavehof Sch3,IPO3,FH,WUSV 1997 (6th place)
V Jarra v Grunewald Sch3
Citty vd Schiffslache Sch3, OFA Boomer vom Emsbogen Sch3,FH
G Kora v Schwarzen Sch3,FH

SG 1 Yarissa vom Haus Vianden Sch 2, BH,CD, OFA

SG Enno vom Haus Vianden Sch 1,BH,CD,OFA SG Olly vom Blauen Stein Sch 1, BH, CD,OFA
Isis vom Haus Vianden BH,CD,CGC,OFA
SG Tessa vom Haus Vianden Sch 1,BH,OFA OFA V Wicko Kathago Sch 3,FH, OFA
SG Era vom Papst Sch 1, OFA