SG Balco vom Konigswolf SCH3,FH,OFA

"Balco is a masculine, dark sable male with great bone, nice structure and a beautiful head. He is a fantastic working dog with extreme drive for all phases of the Schutzhund sport. His hunt drive is absolutely super and he has natural ability for the tracking phase. His food and toy drives are off the chart, and he is extremely fast and athletic in the obedience phase. Powerful best describes Balco in the protection phase. He is a very balanced dog with good active aggression in barking, and he demonstrates hard, full and calm grips. He is definitely a product of his fantastic pedigree! When not working, he is absolutely calm, very social and stable in every situation. Balco has the total package, and we look forward to competing with him in the upcoming years, and seeing his puppies mature into top dog sports competitors, as well as stable family companions. For more information on this fantastic young dog, please do not hesitate to contact us. * Balco received his FH1 with 94 points Owner by Rob Dunn