SG 1 Yarissa vom Haus Vianden SchH2, BH, CD, OFA

SchH 2 Scores - 82/88/93 (P)


Linebred on the great working dog, Wicko v Karthago, Sch 3 FH, this 2nd generation vom haus Vianden female is simply exceptional in every way. Yarissa exhibits the correct balance of prey and agression in her work. She is always fast and hard to the helper but remains responsive to her handler in all three phases of her work; tracking, obedience, and protection. Bred to work and produce top competitive working dogs as well as the best in a home companion, Yarissa is producing the superior puppies that we expected. For further information on her next litter please do not hesitate to contact us.

yarissa1.jpg yarissa2.jpg yarissa3.jpg yarissaneck.jpg
SG Yarissa vom Haus Vianden SchH 2, BH, CD, OFA 2007 North West Regional Championships Demo Dog! Click the pics to enlarge.

SG Yarissa vom Haus Vianden Sch2 CD

You were my heart and soul girl, there will be no other as special as you.You are so deeply missed and forever in my heart.

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