SG 2 Shasta vom Haus Vianden BH,RN OFA

This stunning black and red female received her show rating at the 2006 Pacific Northwest Regional Champion Conformation Show. She received her BH degree at the 2007 Pacific Northwest Region Regional Championships under German SV Judge Franz Dorr. "Shasta" is an exceptionally strong female with marvelous working character. She is 100% on and off the field. "Shasta" has a tremendous desire to please and probably has the most pronounced prey/retrieval drive that I have seen. Not only does she excell in all three phases of her work but she is a perfect and loyal home companion.

shastatrack.jpg shastatrac.jpg shastawatch1.jpg shastafus.jpg shastawil2.jpg shastawil1.jpg shastapro.jpg shastame.jpg
shas1.jpg shas2.jpg shastab.jpg shastawatch.jpg
Shasta working

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