My kennel name was chosen by my mother, after the Vianden Castle in Luxembourg a small country in Northwestern Europe, nestled between Belgium, France and Germany.

In 1979 I acquired my first German Shepherd from the local Shelter. He was a 3 1/2 year old male, that I named Lad. I did some obedience and guard dog training with Laddy. He was a good boy but unfortunately had to be put down at a young age. I next began doing AKC obedience with my Cocker Spaniels in the early 1980's. At this point I was hooked on training dogs.

In 1984 I bought my first AKC registered German Shepherd puppy from Alf Olson in Lolo, Montana. Alf was ahead of his time at breeding German working dogs, as most of the ads dominating the market were American Showline Shepherds. He was named Hasso of Lololand , call name Ruger. I began guard dog work with Ruger at a young age. He excelled at everything with push button control including off leash civil aggression. A pretty dog with a stable mind. In 1987 I discovered "Schutzhund". Everyone said that with the kind of training Ruger had he could not be a Schutzhund dog, we aquired our SchH 1, in two months (going high SchH1) and then went on to get our SchH2 and SchH3. Ruger gave me Alex, and Gunner vom Haus Vianden.Ruger also died two months shy of this 14th birthday.
I did not begin breeding until 1992 when I bred a litter from a female, Hella, that I did not ever get papers for so i spayed her.She was not a sport dog but a great protection dog and would have done anything for me.Hella died at 12 years old. I had also gotten another all black female Era v Papst as a 3 1/2 year old dog that had a rough life being bounced around and mistreated.Era was such a strong stable female with great temperment.I titled Era to a SchH1 with scores of 98-91-91 P. Era became my foundation bitch and most all of my lines go back to her.Era was two months shy of 14 when she died.
I have always liked a pretty dog that held a high desire to work and please.Health and longetivity is also as important to me.The picture on the left side is Gunner v Haus Vianden BH, CD, CGC,OFA, a Ruger X Era puppy, on the right is Alex v Steintor , a Ruger X Ilse puppy. Both had correct structure and temperment but unfortunately I was not able to take Gunner to his potential as he had broken his leg as a 5 week old puppy causing his growth plates to become deformed. I titled Alex with a SchH1, BH, CD, AD, OFA. I continue to strive to produce dogs of this caliber!! Beauty, strong work ethics, health and longetivity...I refuse to breed with the current fads, but will always breed for a dog that "looks like a German Shepherd and Acts like a German Shepherd".