SG Enno vom Haus Vianden SchH 1 BH AD CD

OFA Fair Hips , Elbows Normal , DM N/N Clear !

Enno 9 years old!



Enno 10 years old!

Enno 12 years old!

Enno is a very strong hard alpha male.He shows great prey drive with excellent aggression. Enno is fast and hard to the helper.He is no sleeve-sucker.He is pushy and up beat in the obedience with crazy over the top ball drive.Enno has great tracking drive and is easy to read.He is very loyal and protective over his handler. Enno is a medium size red sable with very good conformation.You can see more pictures of Enno on my Accomplishments Page 1.

ennofuss.jpg ennofuss3.jpg ennopro.jpg ennopro2.jpg
ennostack2.jpg ennoblind.jpg ennoplatz.jpg ennotrack.jpg ennotrack2.jpg

Enno Working!

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