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Charlotte Thomas has been training and competing with German Shepherd Dogs and purchased her first one in 1979. Not only has she has competed at Regional and National levels in Schutzhund and SV Conformation Shows, but she has trained and competed in Weight Pulling Events, AKC Obedience, AKC Rally, AKC Conformation, as well as International Conformation Shows. She has competed in the USA National Sieger Show multiple times as well as the Pacific Northwest Regional Competition Events. Purchasing her first Schutzhund Dog "Ruger", she joined the Tri State Schutzhund Club and together they quickly and easily obtained a Schutzund 3. Charlotte joined the Tri State Schutzhund Club in 1987 and has remained an active training member since that time. In 1992 Charlotte began breeding German Shepherd Dogs under the kennel name vom haus Vianden. She is an active supporter of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, The German Shepherd Dog Club of America (Working Dog Association), the SV (Germany) and the American Kennel Club.

Thru the years Charlotte has achieved over 113 titles/awards and ALL have been by dog's that were handler/owner/trained (H.O.T.). An amazing 98 of these titles/awards have been with dog's that were also bred by Charlotte and carry the vom haus Vianden Kennel name.

Her Schutzhund achievements are:

26 BH Degrees (Companion Dog and Behavior-Temperament Test With Traffic Sureness)

4 AD (Endurance)

2 Schutzhund A

13 Schutzhund I

2 Schutzhund II

1 Schutzhund III

Regional and National USA Conformation Show achievements:

8 SG Show Ratings (Very Good)

3 G Show Ratings (Good)

AKC (American Kennel Club) achievements:

20 CD's (Companion Dogs)

4 CGC's ( Canine Good Citizen)

16 RN's ( (Rally Novice)

3 Beginner Novice

International Competition Level achievements:

12 INT (International Champions)

2 INT/NAT ( International/National)

Herding Competition Level achievements:

1 HCT( Herding Capability Test)

1 HT( AKC Herding Test)

2 Working Aptitude Evaluation test

3 CA (Lure Coursing)


1 DDN (Dock Dog)

ruger.jpg rugerhead.jpg rugerblind.jpg rugerbite.jpg rugertrack.jpg rugerhelper.jpg rugertransport.jpg

Hasso of Lololand SchH3, CD, WD, OFA,"RUGER" (High SchH1, High tracking/High Protection SchH3)

alexdown.jpg alexsch1.jpg alexsch2.jpg alex1.jpg alexsch3.jpg

Alex vom Steintor SchH1, BH, AD, CD, OFA, (High SchH1)

gunner.jpg gunnerbite.jpg gunnertrack.jpg gunnerhead.jpg

G Gunner vom Haus Vianden BH, CD, CGC, OFA,(Gunner broke his leg at 5 weeks of age. Due to a damaged growth plate that caused a deformity in his leg he could not get a higher show rating or go on to Schutzhund competition.)

ollyside.jpg ollysch1.jpg olliebite.jpg olliewillie.jpg olliefuss.jpg
SG Olly vom Blauen Stein SchH 1, BH, CD, OFA (High SchH 1)

ennoside.jpg ennoface.jpg ennofuss2.jpg ennoblind.jpg ennodrive.jpg ennodrive2.jpg ennotrophy.jpg
SG Enno vom Haus Vianden SchH 1, BH, AD, CD, OFA (High SchH 1- High in trial)

decker_2005_a.jpg deckerescape.jpg deckerreattack.jpg deckerfuss.jpg deckertrack.jpg
SG Decker vom Haus Vianden BH, AD, CD, OFA